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Our Services > Amenities/Total Comfort

We believe no one should experience anxiety or discomfort before, during or after a dental visit. We have created an environment we feel you will enjoy while receiving the treatment you need.

When you first enter our office you will be put to ease immediately. We have a warm reception area where you may enjoy beverages while looking at some for the latest magazines should you arrive early to your appointment. We place careful detail to our scheduling to avoid unwanted anxiety and unnecessary waiting for your appointment. We value you time and are glad you have chosen us to share it with.

Denist Office in Vinings - Dentistry at Vinings

Once you arrive in the dental treatment room you may relax by listening to our wide selection of music via computer websites, iPods or surround sound from the office or by watching a DVD. Choose from our selection available or bring your favorite movie with you. Time will pass quickly while the sights and sounds of dentistry will be eliminated. Cooling eye masks are available also to help pamper you as well. Nitrous Oxide is also available to help you achieve a calm and relaxed state. Fresh towels are available to help you refresh after your dental appointment.

Our philosophy is "proper preventative dental care and regular checkups
will keep you smiling for many years to come!"

A High Degree of Professionalism
Dedication to Your Oral Healthcare
Minimization of Costly Reconstructive Work
through Proper Preventative Care
A Comfortable Dental Environment
Fair and Reasonable Fees for Services Rendered
An Answer to All Your Questions
Excellent Customer Service


Cooperation in Making and Keeping Appointments
Conscientious Effort toward Good Oral Hygiene
Recommended Dental Checkups for Optimal Oral Health
Payment of Fees at the Time of Service
You like us so much you tell all your Friends and Family

The doctors and staff at Dentistry At Vinings look forward to a long lasting friendly and professional relationship with you! Please contact us today for your dental appointment.

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