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We pride ourselves in having some of the latest technology available. We feel the more we are able to educate you the better your experience in our office. This is accomplished with both our intraoral camera and digital x-rays.

With a camera the size of a pen, we are able to see inside your mouth more effectively than ever before. The close up view enables both the doctor and you to see smaller cracks and decay that may have previously gone undetected. We can project the view directly to a large flat screen computer screen. By seeing your teeth the way we do, you are able to understand the reasoning behind your recommended treatment and make informed decisions about your dental care.

CEREC Dental Equipment - Vinings Dentist

Dr. Joseph Alvarez - Atlanta Dentist


Dr. Joseph Alvarez, DDS

Digital dental X-rays offer many advantages as well. Although past exposure to dental radiation was small, digital X-rays now limits exposure by an additional 90%. This enhances your safety significantly. To capture a digital X-ray of your teeth, we simply insert a small sensor into your mouth. The X-ray is then instantly transmitted to a computer screen where both the dentist and you may review them. At that time treatment options will be reviewed with you. Dental X-rays are now able to be enlarge to the complete size of the computer screen again allowing you to catch early decay and be more conservative in your treatment.

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